Tonight in Webstah!

Tonight, I attended the Webster/Dudley/Oxford Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours at the Colonial Restaurant. I arrived early, so I went to the bar where the first person I saw was Annie Ide. Then it went downhill. Does anybody else not know Eleanor Houbre? She claimed to work at the Worcester Chamber, but she didn’t know me and I didn’t know her. Anyway, Annie vouched for her, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Supposedly, we’re gonna see her at VIA next Thursday. We’ll see.

Anyway, after Eleanor took my admission fee and business card, I entered the main room where I didn’t know anybody, except the afore-mentioned Annie Ide, Mike Brady, Prudence Bean, Tom Maloney, Mark Forkey and Trav Harmon. Don’t these people have lives?

Cheri Mackinney gave me a good lesson by saying that something didn’t need to be wrong for her to want her salespeople to improve. The first time I asked her if she wanted to trade cards, she said that she didn’t know.

I’d like to be a fly on the wall when Dave Doray and Halina Jachimczyk recap tonight’s festivities.

I met several other interesting people, but their websites aren’t on their cards, so I can’t link to them.

All in all it was a pretty good evening.

6 thoughts on “Tonight in Webstah!

  1. first of all I’ll vouch for Eleanor. The woman works hard for all our affiliate offices. This week she ran a golf tournament, a networking event, a BAH, a campaign within our office and then had some lunch!!!!!!!! regarding no web-site on business cards: you can “always” find out about a company

  2. Hi Rick, So why did it go down hill once you mention me? That’s not fair! Was great to finally meet you and glad you had a good time and met many other interesting people last night. See you at the Worcester Chamber’s Business After Hours next Thursday, September 20 at VIA Restaurant on Shrewsbury Street. Take Care, Eleanor

  3. I’m sorry, Eleanor. It didn’t go downhill because of you, it was me. You’re somebody that everybody knows except me, and I’m just not used to not knowing. Please forgive me. See you at Via.

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