In case you don’t know, I get out a lot. When I’m out, I see a lot of people. I see a lot of “networking”. I see a lot of people pretending to be networking but in reality, they’re just taking. “Givers gain”, to some means “give to me and some day you’ll gain”. To others it means give to me and if I gain, I’ll give to you. Some people think that networking means handing out business cards. Others think it means trying to sell me the first time we talk. OK. Enough negativity.

There are (in my opinion) two shining stars, super novas if you will, in the networking world in this area. Mark Paskell and Jason Kallio. I’ve known Mark a l-o-n-g time. I met Jason Kallio a few years ago. I’m intentionally not going to mention anyone else because I don’t want anyone else to feel that I’m judging them, but these two are great examples of selflessness. It’s true that they’ve built their businesses and reputations through networking. It’s true that many of the people that they’ve taught, mentored and helped have introduced them to customers. It’s also true that they have held the hands of people that were trying to learn how to network. Mark has held top leadership positions in more than one group and turned them around, taking struggling groups and morphing them into vibrant, dynamic energetic groups that others emulate.

Jason, on the other hand, has been the preacher, the demonstrator, the researcher. He’s visited countless groups observing, learning and sharing. He’s always ready to share his technique, make an introduction, or show a newbie the way it’s done. He’s also a man of principles. Has a good grasp of what’s right and isn’t afraid to stand up to “the establishment” if he believes it’s time to change or make an exception.

The interesting thing is that both of these guys are very well known, successful and didn’t get paid to set this example. They did it because they believed in it and wanted to help you.

Why this post? Why now? Simple. Summertime is fun time. We slack off. We tan. We vacation. We’re all back next week. As we go back….As we get serious….As we start to network again, remember the examples that Mark and Jason have given. Introduce more people than you meet. Help and be of service. Don’t worry when you’ll get yours. It will come.

Incidentally, if you haven’t thanked Mark or Jason for their contribution to your success, lately, call them tomorrow. Say, “Thank you for what you’ve done for me.”. Then ask, “Can I help you meet someone?” and follow their lead.


  1. Well said Rick– and at the right time for sure, as we all prepare to launch into the new fall business season! Kudos to Mark and Jason- we are lucky to have them as partners in Corridor Nine!

  2. These 2 gentlemen are successeful b/c they call’em the way they see ’em, and are always open to help others. I am just now thinking of the many ways they’ve helped me progress and develop. Kudos to those gentlemen !!

  3. September kicks off networking season and I am sure we will see Mark and Jason quite a bit next month. Make sure and ask them for intro’s. Don’t forget they are also great people to refer people too because not only are they selfless, they are very good at what they do. I have the Kitchen to prove it!

  4. Not to take anything away from the two stars getting all the ink, but I think it’s also important to provide tribute to those who were doing this before there was even a name for it. Back in the 70’s, before networking was as formalized as it is today, Jim Coghlin (Founder of Coghlin Electrical), was the best networker this area had ever seen. He remains true to form as his recent event, the Mark Ungerer Memorial Golf Tournament, attests to. Thanks to his contacts and the participation it generated, they raised more than half a million dollars over 24 hours last month.So here’s to everyone, you too Rick, who has shown business people in this area how to do it the right way.

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