More on Loyalty

I was re-reading the comments to my Loyalty post, today. Comments make me think.

Thought #1: Was the relationship between the partners clearly identified at the establishment of the partnership? Was it clear who was expert at what? Was the partnership exclusive?

Thought #2: What’s the partner’s history? Is he arrogant? Is he always right? Would he criticize Bill Clinton or George Bush on their political ability (if he had never run for office) even though they both won? Would he criticize the way A-Rod swings his bat if he had never swung at a major league pitch? Would he criticize Dave Kurlan’s sales advice if he himself wasn’t equally regarded as an expert in the area of sales force development?

Thought #3: Who does he hang with? Is he a big fish in a small pond? Does he travel in multiple circles? What’s his track record? What’s his mission? Is it all about him, his clients or the world?

There are probably more questions, but I think that it boils down to one question.

“Will the partner do it again?” If you can’t answer, “Absolutely not!”, don’t take the chance.

One thought on “More on Loyalty

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