Your Opinion Please

Judging by the voting, a lot of you liked PERFECTION!

But that got me to thinking…

If I were going to do a “best of theRainMakerMaker”, which post or posts did you like the best or get the most out of? Please comment and if you would, subscribe to the comments to this post.

4 thoughts on “Your Opinion Please

  1. I think the post about Joe is the best one. That’s what it’s all about, right? That’s why you do it. To help people achieve their dreams. Tactically speaking, the “how I refer” and the “retract or hope” ones are good.

  2. My mother agrees with you, Pete.Here’s her email to me.”Rick,  I agree with Peter Caputa(is he really the IV???) 8/27/07 – That’s what it is all about -Still a little fun now and then makes a “nice” change….. Mom”
    Aside, do other bloggers’ mothers comment on their blogs? I almost feel like I need to watch what I say.

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