Crappy Salespeople

I know that last night I said that my next post would be about how I choose whom to refer. However, I’m gonna slide this one in first. My blog…My rules.

I was driving to work this morning. Proceeding down Main Street in Holden, I had the green light at Route 31. As I entered the intersection, some idiot made a “right turn on red” right in front of me. I didn’t hit them because the piece of garbage that they were driving would fit in my trunk. They never even looked. Don’t they understand that I have the right of way. Don’t they know that the rule is that they need to stop and look and if no one is coming, then they can make a right turn on red. The short answer is that they probably don’t and if they do, they don’t care because their car isn’t worth squat. They probably have a crappy job. Don’t own a house. Have no future and no hope. (How’s that for exaggeration?) But seriously, I think it’s safe to say that their standards as a driver aren’t as high as mine.

Here’s the analogy. Good drivers have to be even better to protect themselves from the idiots. We have to anticipate, watch, be overly cautious because we never know when some person with a drivers license but no brain is gonna be aiming at us. Why is that allowed to happen?

I’ve spent most of my career watching crappy salespeople lie to their prospects. Use stupid sales tricks that any prospect with a brain can see through. Over promise. Under deliver. Avoid answering questions. Pressure. etc. etc. etc. Every time one of these idiot salespeople is allowed to talk to a prospect, it makes our job more difficult. Have you ever had a prospect tell you that all salespeople lie? I don’t. Do you? It’s those idiots. Have you ever had a prospect doubt that you could deliver on your promises? Where do you think that comes from? All the idiots out their that can’t spell p-r-o-f-e-s-s-i-o-n-a-l   s-a-l-e-s-p-e-r-s-o-n. Let alone be one. The crappy salespeople make us need to be better.

So, if your an idiot driver………..WALK!
If you’re a crappy salesperson………go be crappy at something else.
If you’re struggling with crappy salespeople, send me an email or comment to this post.

8 thoughts on “Crappy Salespeople

  1. I used to read the Readers’ Digest whenever I went to the doctor, dentist, etc. My first stop would always be “Humor in Uniform”, Laughter the Best Medicine”, “All in a Day’s Work, all the “believe it or not, true life, funny stories”. Almost everything is funny if you look at it the right way. Additionally, lessons are everywhere if you’re watching.

  2. Oh, so true an analogy I could never find. Its a kind of inconsideracy(?) I just made that word up and an unconscious way of moving through life. There are lots of zombies and vampires out there who are clueless about what other people need and want or bloodsuckers who take what they can for themselves.

  3. I thought more about your analogy and had to add that there are plenty of crappy drivers driving BMWs and Mercedes around thinking that their car status entitles them to play by their own rules.

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