Me Me Me Me Me

My mother had an operation last Tuesday. We went to see her on Wednesday and although she was obviously enjoying her drugs, she was doing well. Elaine decided that we were gonna bring her dinner tonight, so we did. She did a great job. A lot of work. Packed in coolers. Worked all day. Drive 100 miles each way to bring dinner to my mother.

OK, so we’re eating and my mother’s phone rings and I answer it. I know the person, so I tease her. Ask her if she has an appointment to speak to my mother. Tell her that we’re eating dinner and would she like to make an appointment to speak to my mother after dinner. She asked if we were staying over, I said, “No. Elaine just wanted to make sure that my mother had a good meal, so she made chicken on the grill, baked potatoes, green beans, corn and strawberry shortcake.” She said, “Well I just finished having filet mignon and lobster.”

Who the hell cares? Why did she call in the first place? Did she call to find out how my mother was or to tell me what she had to eat? I was polite, but I ended the call as quickly as I could. I can also understand if sometimes my mother doesn’t want to hear about what’s happening in this selfish twit’s life.

If she had said something like, “Elaine is very thoughtful to do all that.”, I wouldn’t have anything to write about tonight. How many times do you miss an opportunity to stroke, compliment or otherwise make someone feel good because you just have to talk about yourself?

UPDATE: So, my mother called tonight and said that the caller called the next day and to be fair, the first thing that she said was that it was awful nice of Elaine to do all that. Then she asked if I helped. My mother dutifully responded that I did the dishes.

2 thoughts on “Me Me Me Me Me

  1. WOW! A piece of this story is missing. Was the person calling another sibling that did not bring this steak and lobster dinner to the mother or just another friend? If it was another sibling than it makes this worse! I see your point as to focusing on the real story of helping the mother and no real care as to what you did. I am never telling Rick what I am or will be eating! : )

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