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Several people have asked when I was going to blog about this article.

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Frankly, when Rod Lee asked me if he could interview me for this article, I thought he was kidding. Then, when I realized that he was serious, I was flattered. I knew that I could network, but quite honestly, so can a lot of others. Then, today, I was showing Jeanne Worrick a little about the blogosphere and I came upon Todd Earwood’s post. Todd’s Linked-In profile says he’s a Connector and Serial Entrepreneur who currently is a partner in Jotzel Media & Almost Mediocre. He also has his head on straight regarding networking. Thanks for the mention, Todd.

Well, enough about this. My next post will answer the question, “If I know several people who provide similar solutions or solve similar problems, how do I decide whom to refer?”

3 thoughts on “Networking Buzz

  1. Rick,I forgot to mention to you yesterday that I read the article on you in the Buzz and thought it was great. I was surprised to discover that you and Dave Kurlan know each other from Cutco Knives. Ouch! that is not a fun sale. I bought a Cutco knife from a colllege boy in town, because I felt sorry for him. My husband wasn’t thrilled when he found out I paid $65.00 for one knife. Oh, well.Anyway, I still have the article and will probably save it for posterity.

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