Confucius Says …….

Real Knowledge is Knowing the Extent of One’s Ignorance.”

That’s the way this article starts. Sometimes I think that I should stop writing and just point you to great posts that I find. As I read this article, I remembered do-it-yourselfers who have tried to fix their own plumbing and wound up calling the plumber to fix a big problem, or try fix their own car and wind up making a mechanic rich fixing the resultant screw up, or wind up “injured” with a do-it-yourself exercise program. Whether we think we know more than we do, or we’re trying to save some money the end result might be that we make a bigger problem.

The same thing happens when we start a business. I did things backwards. Many business owners have an expertise, but can’t sell. I.E. – They’re a doctor, lawyer, CPA, franchise owner, grew up in the business, went to school to learn a skill, whatever. So, they could actually fix their prospect’s problem. They may not be able to “convince” their prospect to do business with them, but if they do, they can fix them. When I started in the debt collection business, I could sell, but I knew almost nothing about collecting debts. The result was that I always had more business than I could handle. I collected what I could and over the years had various other collectors and lawyers help me. They made money. I made money. I kept the clients because I could sell. Not because I could collect.

I guess my point is that I’ve seen many business owners wind up out of business, in debt, or bankrupt even though they were experts at their craft. They spent money on advertising, promotion, memberships, and other marketing, but couldn’t close the business when they got in front of the prospect. There’s really only three fixes.

1.) Go out of business now. Get a job before you lose your house.
2.) Hire a professional salesperson or create a partnership with a firm that can feed you business.
3.) Learn how to sell.

You pick! Thanks for the seed Rob!

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