Consistent Excellence

Most of you know that Elaine and I have a house at Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport. Most of you also know that I like to eat. All of you know that I appreciate people that are good at what they do. This post is about all three.

We eat out a lot and over the years, we’ve enjoyed many excellent meals at the restaurants in the area. Several years ago, Elaine and I took Craig and Nancy to Windows on the Water in Kennebunkport. I won’t get into their background, but, trust me, Craig and Nancy know good service, fine food and wine. After the meal, they said that they would not only recommend Windows to their guests, but would mention John (our server that day) by name. Elaine and I brought our sons and their girl friends to Windows to celebrate when each turned 25. Marshall & Sharon to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Danny & PJ to celebrate their 25th and thank him for introducing me to a major client. Dinner with Mark, Robin, Dave and Brenda in a pre-wedding planning conference. Two years ago, Elaine and I hosted Mark and Robin’s rehearsal dinner in a private room at (Guess where.)…..Windows on the Water. Everyone that we’ve ever brought to Windows has left full, satisfied, impressed and with their little surprise. Everyone! Every time!

The food is always perfect. Exactly the way that you want it. The wine list always satisfies me and we’ve experimented and never been disappointed. We’ve had the pleasure of being greeted by Eva, Elaine, Christine and Laura. In addition to John, we’ve been served by Pat, Mike, Michael, Danai, and last night, Karen. It’s not unusual to have the owner, John Hughes, open the door and greet you when you arrive or stop at your table to ask for an opinion on your dinner selection. I’m reminded of this post. I wonder if John Hughes read the book. Obviously, he’s using the same play book. Everything and everybody walks the talk. Fantastic attention to detail. Everyone makes a difference.

Thank you John Hughes for delivering consistent excellence! Many could learn from you!

And to my readers: It’s worth the trip. Kennebunkport is beautiful in the fall. Schedule your trip, now. You can contact John and/or make reservations here.

19 thoughts on “Consistent Excellence

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