Seth Godin’s TYPO

Find the typo, but get the message, too. Many years ago, someone told me that a con artist and a professional salesperson use exactly the same tools and skills, the difference is intent. Marketers, salespeople, politicians, and parents are all trying to get their message across. Trying to influence the minds of their “prospect”. Trying to cause their prospect to perform some action. The question that determines intent is, “Why?” Is this product or service the best available and going to change the customer’s life in a positive way, or are we only concerned with making a profit or commission? Is the politician running because he can’t get a real job or has a huge need for approval, or is he actually going to change the world? Why is it that parents aren’t fun, sometimes? Is it because they’re taking their frustration from the workday out on their child, or is it a lesson that the child really needs to know?

Did you find the typo?

Did you get the message?

Which are you?

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