Pete Caputa and Ed Batista

In early July, Pete Caputa orchestrated an email introduction and some blogversation between Dave Kurlan, Ed Batista, and myself. Since then, I’ve been kinda reading Ed’s blogs and yesterday this post made me call him today. I’m not gonna talk about the post. Read it. I can’t say it better. Ed’s very wise.


This post is about starting and growing relationships.


Ed and I talked about the way technology and “belly to belly” skills can complement each other. We also talked about some new things that Ed’s doing and I’m loving the fact that I know it before Pete. As it turns out, Ed’s gonna need to talk with Eric Tapley and Linda Cohan. Ed was on Eric’s website as we were speaking and I’d bet even money that he’s already read Linda’s guest post on this blog.


OK. Here’s the question and lesson.


Why did it take me six weeks (42 days) to call Ed? Pete made the introduction on 7/11. I called today, 8/22…….Answer – “I’m not perfect”.


You decide if the lesson is, “Just, do it.” “It’s never too late.” or “Every referral and/or introduction is valuable if you’re open-minded.”


Let’s see how long it takes Ed, Eric, and Linda to get together and how long it takes for Pete to find out what I know that he doesn’t know.

4 thoughts on “Pete Caputa and Ed Batista

  1. I vote for “All of the above,” Rick. I firmly believe we all have something to learn from *everyone* we meet (and I certainly learned a few things in our conversation today), but in our hyper-networked world it’s very hard to follow up on a timely basis with every introduction. So when an intro’s been moldering in our Inbox or on our To-Do list for weeks, we face a simple choice: We can feel guilty about it and postpone it (or feel *so* guilty about it that we just toss it), or we can pick up the phone (or grab or keyboard) and say, “Hi there–I’ve been really busy, but I’ve been meaning to drop you a line.” Ninety-nine times out of a hundred the person on the other end has been under the same pressures and is glad you took the initiative. Like you and I today. My predictions? Pete will get the news tomorrow, Linda and I will connect by the end of next week, and Eric and I will connect by Labor Day. Just a guess 😉 Looking forward to staying in touch– Ed

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