How to be a Sales Rock Star in 2013

Five questions:

Are you looking to change the world? Rock stars have a passion for what they do. They’re on a mission. It’s probably not about the money. Do you have a personally compelling reason to get up every morning and a plan to get there?
Do you believe that it’s all about sales? It’s not about what process you use, new ways to close, new ways to get leads. It’s about the number of customers that are incredibly happy for having bought from you and telling the world about their experience because they want everyone to be as happy with you as they are. It’s not about helping you get rich. It’s about you making more people happy.
Do you have a sales mentor? Sales Rock Stars have math teachers, English teachers and people that taught them how to swing a hammer and sew. They also have people that have taught them sales in a classroom or managed them in the field, but they have one person that they’ve come to realize changed their life when they worked together. (BTW, you can’t hire a mentor. It’s something that you realize after.)
Do you understand your network and is it relevant? Rainmakers of old seemed to know who to talk to when. They always seemed to know the right person that can move things along. That’s a lot different than having a gazillion followers on Twitter or thousands of LION connections on LinkedIn. Do you continuously cultivate your network? Are they connected to you the way that they want to be connected to you? Do they proactively share your content? Are they actively evangelizing on your behalf?
Are you regular? When I read the book, Passages, the author mentioned that at some point in your 20’s or 30’s, you realize that your mentor and your father were just regular guys trying to get through life. Rainmakers and Rock Stars don’t usually seek the attention or title. They’re typically going about the daily business of attracting new prospects, nurturing those prospects into customers and converting those customers into evangelists. They seldom say, “I am wonderful!” and usually exhibit quiet confidence.
I recognize that this article might not be what you expected, but recognize that millions of kids play baseball. Some play professionally in the farm system, but very few make it to the majors. The same can be said for musicians. How many of us took lessons as kids, sing in the choir at church, or even get to play night clubs, etc, but never Carnegie Hall or Madison Square Garden?
If I can help or you’d like to talk about yourself, feel free to schedule a call.
If not, have the best 2013 that you can!
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One thought on “How to be a Sales Rock Star in 2013

  1. Rick-I am willing to bet that this post gets a lot of comments. I often picture you as the rock that creates many ripples.I have had many mentors in my life, and I am sure that I will have many more. If anyone has heard Rick describe the one-call close, I was one of them. I had many people actually try to talk me out of working with Rick, either because: 1- it was going to stretch my cash-flow more than I was comfortable with, or 2- I was pretty smart and learned fast and didn’t really need a ‘coach’ or 3-(Rick pointed this one out) I was already getting the monetary goals I wanted and needed, and sure I could get more, but why? Turns out, all the reasons others gave me of why I didn’t need to get objectively evaluated, and coached on my hang-ups- were exactly the reasons why I did need to.And that is why, for all of the mentors I have had, from my mother to my bosses, Rick is the one I have learned the most from, and continue to learn from just from having known him. Both personally and therefore professionally, it caused a pivot in my life that didn’t just change my life, but others as well. Thanks Rick, and Merry Christmas.

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