#FF (Fun Friday Post) Leads and Salespeople

I received this as a joke this week. Please, read it. Then, re-read the title. Then, comment.

Today’s Lesson:
The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, delivers free meals and food stamps to over 46 million people. 

The National Park Service, administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior, PROHIBITS feeding the wild animals – because the animals will grow dependent on handouts and never learn to take care of themselves.
Thus ends today’s lesson.

3 thoughts on “#FF (Fun Friday Post) Leads and Salespeople

  1. People are not animals. Children are in poverty through no fault of their own. There MUST be a safety net for people that cannot provide for themselves. Compassion is a human characteristic and should not be ignored under any circumstance. Reforms for fraud, YES. Comparing humans to animals, NO.

  2. Ho! Ho! Ho! This is so very funny. And so very true. And thus, so very sad at the same time. Recently in a different context, you stated “leads are worthless” and then, in a sweet coincidence, this little nugget comes along to humorously shed more light and meaning on your point. A conversation is the fuel on which sales runs. At best a “lead” might be an appropriate conversation starter. But mostly they don’t. Which is part of why they are worthless. They also perpetuate this ridiculous friction between “marketing” and “sales”. The sooner we drop this from our vocabulary the better.

  3. Anne, sorry that your comment waited so long in the moderation queue. It was flagged as spam.

    You must be new to this blog. Most readers know that I’m never (I think.) about the politics. I’m not without compassion. I’m about making salespeople stronger. That’s it!

    If you encourage your clients to give leads to their clients, you are doing them a disservice. If you are teaching salespeople how to generate leads for themselves. Bravo!

    Thanks for reading.

    BTW, did you forward the post to your clients?

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