#FF (Fun Friday Post) Listen Between the Lines

Welcome to the exciting adventures of Men From Maine. Ayyuhhh!
As our action packed adventure unfolds we find Lem and Ephus sitting at the airport terminal in Bangor, Maine waiting for Lem’s wife Effie’s flight to arrive. While they are sitting together Lem elbows Ephus and nods toward an elderly gentleman sitting across from them. Ephus looks at the gentleman and then nods his head several times at Lem and says, “Ayyuhh!”. This goes on for a little while, but before too long the elderly gentleman across the way walks toward them and says, “I’ve noticed that the two of you keep looking my way and nodding at each other. Is there a reason for that?” Lem turns to Ephus and then back to the gentleman with a smile on his face and says, “Ayyuhhh! My friend Ephus and I were observing how much you look like my wife Effie . . . except for the mustache.” The gentleman looks confused and says, I don’t understand. I don’t have a mustache!” Lem and Ephus look at each other and the back at the gentleman and say in unison, “We know!”
So, did you get the lesson? Did you listen between the lines?
Men From Maine is a radio segment on 105.7 FM in Boston with Loren & Wally as the announcers. Every day at 6:15 and 7:15 AM they do a piece with deep down Maine accents.

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