Make appointments easily

Making appointments can be frustrating. Even when two people want to talk, busy schedules, different time zones and the lag in email communications can make finding a time to talk difficult. Add in a third or fourth participant and it becomes nearly impossible. I’ve used and recommended Tungle for a few years and it eliminated much of the hassle, but recently, Tungle announced that it will be closing it’s doors. They did recommend a couple of alternatives, but I didn’t like them. I looked at a dozen alternatives, registered for 4 services and decided to use

I have a free account. This is what my page looks like. If you click on a time, you’ll open my booking page. I’ve got the duration set at 30 minutes, but the drop down will allow you to select 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. The form is customizable and (I think.) more intuitive than Tungle. I’ve had a few people use it and got comments like, “easy as pie!”
So, there you go. Enjoy!
BTW, I’ve been talking with candidates to fill three openings to start immediately. If you want in, do it now.

2 thoughts on “Make appointments easily

  1. Thanks for the recommendation – I’ve been wondering what to do ever since Tungle bowed out, but I knew that you, the Tungle UBER SUPER USER would come up with the best replacement solution. So I’m signing up. Maybe there’s some business for you with youcanbookme?

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