True Colors and Personal Branding

Have you ever had one of those surreal days when you think that this must be someone else’s life? Today was the first full day of Inbound 2012, but for me- it was the day that I met my first ever celebrity- Cyndi Lauper. Of all of the memorable firsts in my life, this is one that has many metaphors. (and I am the queen of metaphors after all, at least according to some colleagues).

When I first found out that I had won a backstage pass to meet Cyndi- I was excited of course. Then, as is my nature, I did a little research. What had my teen idol been up to since “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.’? Turns out, she went from dance pop to blues- no small transition. She appeared on “Celebrity Apprentice” and got fired by Trump for being honest and not playing games. When I told friends that I was “meeting” her, we got into a discussion of what the Cyndi brand meant to us. In short, it meant “who gives a crap what other people think? This is who I am, take it or leave it- it ain’t changing to make you more comfortable”. In the “Apprentice” you didn’t see evidence of her throwing anyone else under the bus in the attempt to “do whatever it takes to win.” It would seem that, in her mind, you won on the merits of what you did, not whomever else you had to walk over to get there.

Throughout the day, I kept getting these looks- like, ‘hey- I know you!’ But I had not idea why. Finally, I stopped and asked- why the look? Apparently, somewhere in Hubspot my picture hangs on the wall. And no, not for darts either. (Yes, I asked…)

I met people in real life who follow me on Twitter, read my blog, and actually said to me, “I am such a fan.” Seriously? I have done nothing special, other than be who I am without apology or regret. Something I learned from Rick…

I met colleagues who were surprised when I said to them, when I think of ABC company- YOU are who I think of.

People buy from people, not brands.

4 thoughts on “True Colors and Personal Branding

  1. Sounds like great fun, Carole! Reading all the tweets from Stephanie, Rick, Frank, you & the gang and wishing I could have been there this year, but as Rick says… I had to answer to a Higher Calling. Hopefully next year they won’t have it the last week in August!!

  2. Carole,First off, congratulations on winning the backstage passes to hang with Cyndi Lauper. I have always been somewhat of a fan partly due to the music, but probably even more so by her f’it all “I am who I am” attitude. I’m happy to hear of the Hubspot celebrity you are becoming that’s awesome! Although a little weird at first when it seems people are staring at you, ha! I guess this is the price of fame. Anyhow, keep doing what you are doing and keep being who you are. You Rock!

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