Painful Good Byes

I expect that this post will be one of my least read posts of all time, but the dozen or so people that do read it mean more to me than the rest of my readers.

Today was the first day of Inbound2012. I didn’t plan on attending, but my son ‘suggested’ that I should and Melissa, my new daughter-in-law was going to attend with her business partner. Two good reasons, so I was there today. I expected to see Carole and Chris there, but I was really happy to see Philip there. Philip is a really good guy and when last I spoke to him, I was worried about him. He and Jennifer have had a heck of a year, but as Philip says, “It’s all good.” Great to see you again Philip. The highlight of my evening was when Stephanie hugged me. I think that it completed a cycle that needed to be completed. Here’s the story…
During 4Q11, I was coaching a dozen or so clients multiple times/week and we had developed a relationship that was easy and caring, but not extremely productive. Yes, they were paying me. Yes, I was meeting their needs. Yes, they were happy. But we weren’t changing the world. When I retired on 12/29, Stephanie told me that I liked her too much to not talk to her again and she was right. When she called, it hurt not to take or return her call. But I knew that if I wanted my clients to grow, they had to learn that they didn’t need me. That they could do it on their own. Stephanie’s fine as is every other client that I stopped coaching that day.
Two things.
The next day, after I ended my relationship with all of my clients, I made my coffee and dialed into my conference line, ready to coach. Then, I realized, what am I doing?
Second, and this may be reflective of a parent talking to a child. Not talking to you hurt me way more than it hurt you.
Love you. Miss you. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Painful Good Byes

  1. Hey Rick Tell Philip, Stephanie and the others if they make it to Inbound, that I said “Hi!” As Don mentioned, you changed us and we are changing the world slowly but surely!I have a new found passion with my side inbound networking project. I’m 100% more successful and doing better because we have worked together. I look forward to where we will be over the next few years and expect you to be around to BS from time to time.I do not think Pete is at Inbound this year, but if he is, tell him I said Hi as well.Have a great time at Inbound!Thanks for all you do!

  2. Rick, this post brought tears to my eyes. I “talk” to you nearly every day through ESP. Yesterday you were with me as I spoke to a CEO who grew his biz to $3M a year and wants to work with me to double it. He’s changing the world through his energy conservation services. I’m helping him. You helped me. It’s all a big circle. Thank you. “Talk” to you soon via ESP. Hope you receive all my ESP messages, like I “get” yours.

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