Why I read….

I just read two articles.

and they reminded me of Kelly’s guest post, “I’m Not a Salesperson“.

Now, one of the dangers of linking to source articles like I did here is that you’ve already been reading for a while and may be out of time. I’ll be brief.
Both Bruce and Jamillah talk about the status quo, change and the importance of being uncomfortable. Bruce suggests reading books, listening to CD’s, taking courses. Jamillah writes, “When the way you consistently do things doesn’t improve your bottom line or build you a better team, then it’s time for a change — or at least an evaluation.”
Evaluation is the difference in the two articles and the reason that Kelly is the way she is. So many people read books, listen to CD’s and take courses without having an objective evaluation done. Kelly agrees that “stuff that got in our head and heart that gets in our way.”, but she only acknowledges the “stuff” that she’s comfortable acknowledging. An objective evaluation shows everything, the comfortable and the uncomfortable. Once the “stuff” is identified then read books, listen to CD’s, take courses, but don’t avoid the ones that make you uncomfortable.
If you’d like to be evaluated, I know it’s crazy, but here’s my number. So call me, maybe.
BTW – watch for the announcement. My new course starting in September for business owners that need customers but don’t want to feel like they’re selling. Learn how to use the new tools with a soft approach. Want to know more? Leave a comment or
send me an email

2 thoughts on “Why I read….

  1. I thought I did acknowledge the uncomfortable stuff in my post:
    “…If they feel like they’re on the defense fighting me off, this is uncomfortable for them – and for me.”

    My “uncomfortable stuff” is selling (myself and my services). Or is that too broad of a self-evaluation?

  2. Until we understand ‘why’ we’re uncomfortable, we can’t decide whether it’s a rational/real reason or a belief that’s unfounded and without merit. Once we decide that, then we can decide to stay the course or change.

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