Capital Punishment for Marketing Liars?

I wrote Should you fire marketing? a few days ago.

I wrote My Rant on Liars, Thieves and SMS a couple of months ago.
Lest you think that I’m totally negative, do you remember this article about the Proper Use of LinkedIn?
Now, I’m not suggesting capital punishment for marketers that are stupid, or inept and can’t do their jobs, or even those that believe wrongly and make a mistake. I’m talking about the downright liars.
Twitter notifies me that I have new followers every day. When I get that notification, I look at my new follower’s profile to see who they are and what they’re about. Then I do one of two things.
  1. I send them a direct message like, “Noticed the follow. What brought you by?” If they want to engage, that’s the time. If they don’t, I don’t do anything else and assume that they’re a stalker
  2. If they have stopped following me, I report them for spam. I’d rather use capital punishment, but that’s not one of Twitter’s choices.
I started a group on LinkedIn two weeks ago. When describing the group, I used terminology like 

“by invitation only”, “replace un-active members with new members” and “If you aren’t planning on sharing, you are wasting your time in this group”.

So, yesterday, I removed 5 of the first members to join from the group. I told them that “I believed that we were not on the same page.” I also sent this message to the rest of the group. Why did I do that? Joining and not doing is lying and LinkedIn doesn’t allow capital punishment.
Anything (besides me) bugging you?

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