Jerry Stiller on Sales

describe the imageActually, Jerry Stiller didn’t talk about sales, but I just watched his Capital One commercial again where he says, “People. Look at you. Texting. Blogging. All this technology, but you’re still banking like pilgrims…”

Some days, I know that I must sound like Stiller when I criticize companies that are still selling like pilgrims. They still expect the techniques, tactics and tricks that worked in the 1900’s to work today.

I’ve made door to door and telephone cold calls using lists and straight out of a directory. (What’s a directory?)

I’ve worked Expos, trade shows, home shows, flower shows, etc. You put people in a room, I show up with my smile and a pile of business cards and brochures. (What are business cards and brochures?)

I’ve been the recipient of ‘bingo card leads‘, yellow page call-ins, Executive Luncheon leads and had some success with each. (When was the last time that you used the yellow pages?)

There were a lot of ways to generate leads. Many still work. Even Hubspot, the inbound marketing company, uses demo tables, meet-ups, good old faskioned PR and self-promotion to generate buzz so that their name will be recognized when their cold callers call.

However, this is not an article about different ways of generating leads. Let’s face it. If you’re not doing inbound marketing and you’re not doing it right by using a partner that’s been certified, you’re denying reality. You’re living in La-La Land. You’re giving your market share to your competition.

BUT (and this is the point of this post), selling has changed. In the door-to-door days, they were called marketers, but were taught sales. As advertising, PR, promotion, etc. became vogue, marketing and sales developed a chasm so that they could blame each other for the lack of success and each take full credit if they did succeed. Inbound marketing only works if marketing is totally synchronized with sales. Sales needs to know how marketing is setting the leads up and marketing has to know how sales is following up. There are different strengths and skills required in the two jobs, but there’s one body of knowledge and target market and if you really want to cover the bases, contact me to evaluate your people, your marketing process and your sales process as to whether they can execute on your strategies.

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