Pre-Survey: 21st Century Salespeople and Social Media

I’ll be releasing a survey tomorrow to determine the level of usage of Social Media by 21st Century Salespeople, Executives and Business Owners and the relative effectiveness of their efforts. Although an email address will be required to receive the results, it will not be required to take the survey. So, identities will be safe. I’ve posted this pre-anouncement for two reasons.

I’ll be asking about usage and results from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, websites, trade shows, advertising, B2B vs B2C, job title, sales growth, tracking, and lots more.
Is there a question that you would like included? That you’d like to know the answer to? Enter it as a comment or
send me an email
This is the link to register to take the survey and/or to receive the results.

Care to share what you think?

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