10 Questions to ask about Sales & Marketing Integration

1.)  Is your message relevant to your target customer?

2.)  Is marketing’s target customer the same as sales’ target customer?
3.)  What percentage of your customers are true evangelists?
4.)  Is marketing or sales more responsible for identifying up-sells, cross-sells and round-outs?
5.)  What are your integrated metrics for your sales and marketing integrated process?
6.)  What impact does the skill level of your salespeople have on your marketing department?
7.)  How many issues does marketing identify before the lead is labelled ‘sales ready’?
8.)  Do your salespeople reference the marketing process when they approach, qualify and close?
9.)  What would the impact be on sales if you had 10% more leads, and they were 10% better, and your sales were 10% larger and you closed 10% more of them? (Hint: It’s not 10% and it’s not 40%.
10.) Is your marketing agency bigger or smaller than your company and why is that important?

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