Networking Shorts

This article was originally posted on 6/25/2009 on the Kurlan blog. I thought that we should resurrect it in honor of Dan’s most recent comment! Enjoy!

In case you don’t know Dan Tyre, I’ve heard him described as a machine. I’ve been told that he’s the first one on the phone and the last one off the phone and his last call is as energetic as the first. This is a paraphrased email from him today. “I’ve offered my rolodex (look it up) to hundreds of folks to ask for intros and you are one of 10 who have taken me up on it. One of my customers has generated 100 leads from it.”

10 out of hundreds….Come on people. You have to show up!

Pete Caputa has a great conversation happening over at Hubspot. I got involved. Subscribed to the comments. Read Barbara’s comment. Checked out her blog. Commented there. She quoted me. Guess who’s gonna get a call. Tim Patterson made a very thoughtful comment. I checked out his blog. Just in time for me to pass it out to all of the attendees at our seminar tomorrow. Bob Poole says, “I Dare You.” and started following me on Twitter. OK, so I’ll call him, too.

You can find people to talk to anywhere. Be open. Take a chance. They’d probably love to here from you. (They’re probably trying to avoid making cold calls, too.)

Finally, is anybody else wondering how many referrals Jason gave?

Thanks, again, Pete!

BTW New addition on 1/4/12 – Is your online presence synced with your sales process?

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