Why Salespeople have the Wrong Perspective

snow white mirrorIt’s impossible to see what your prospect sees when they look at you. You can try to understand. You can apply logic, but you cannot see what they see.

Put your left hand on the left side of your face. Easy enough, right? Left hand/Left side of your face.

Now, face somebody and put your left hand on the left side of your face. Aren’t they gonna watch this action happen on the right side of your body from their perspective? Think about it. If they were to reach out and touch the same side of your face with their hand that’s on that side of their body, wouldn’t that be their right hand.

Now look in the mirror. Do you see what your prospect sees? Put your left hand on the left side of your face. What do you see in the mirror? It looks like your image is putting their right hand to the right side of their face, but if you move your left hand toward the mirror, your image will move it’s right hand but it’s the reflection of your left.

Compare a picture of yourself with your image in the mirror. Isn’t it reversed?

So, here’s the point. In a sales situation, we can’t actually see what our prospect sees. The best we can do is try to understand their point of view. Just a thought.

Do you want to learn how?

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