Confessions of a Sales Coach

20 years and 60 pounds ago, I might have been called a runner. I was never built like a runner. Nor did I ever run fast enough to be anything other than a recreational runner, but I did run and I would often disappear for over an hour to clear my head and re-create.

Back to the present – If I had a bucket list, one of the first things that I would put on it would be that I want to run again and over the past 20 years, I’ve had several starts, but life gets in the way. Sometimes, when I’m coaching, I use examples from other parts of our life and last Thursday, I compared the grind of getting and exercise regimen going to the grind of getting a prospecting regimen going. Little did I know that Wes Powell was a fitness fanatic and that if you got him going on that, he had a real dark side. As we talked, I could see him using my stuff on me so that he could try to hold me accountable to work out regularly. I told him that I got a lot of email. I blog. I spend several hours coaching every day and that I have commitments to my clients. I was very good at dodging. Remember, I’ve learned to dodge from years of coaching you! I’m a great dodger!

Kai Labor Day 2011Zane Labor Day 2011So, then he asks, “So, who do you like better, your clients or your grandchildren? And I’m thinking that he’s a real (well never mind) and that this is probably what my clients think of me when I’m holding their feet to the fire. I had a coaching call with Stephanie McLaughlin at 9:15 today. She had call reluctance. We talked about who she needed to call and that she already had a call scheduled for 10 AM, but we agreed that I would call her back at 11:30 and see how she did on the three calls that she agreed to make. Two voicemail messages, one connect with a conversation with a non-prospect and at 11:20, one of the voice messages called back, they found an issue and scheduled a meeting for tomorrow. Stephanie was proud of herself and rightfully so. I finished my call with Stephanie and at 11:49 decided that I was hungry, but that I would go for a walk to be aerobic first. I had an email exchange with Carole Mahoney. Responded to a sales coaching question from Preston Bowman. Acknowledged a schedule change with Barbara Escher and a few other distractions from taking that first step.

So, then it was 12:49. Where did that freakin’ hour go? Now, I was starving.

Now, don’t ask me how, but somehow I left the house and 40 minutes later came back sweaty, breathing and I ate lunch.

I feel like Stephanie.

Wes, you feel like me?

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