Sales Issues

I’m at Goose Rocks Beach. It’s not really a beach day. Mark, Robin, Matt and Melissa are playing golf. Elaine went shopping. I am sitting with my laptop and a bottle of Tempranillo waiting for Kai and Zane to wake up.

Sales Issues – Where should we start?

A stubborn CEO?

An emotionally involved salesperson?

How to handle your prospects when they get emotionally involved?

How to handle a collection issue when a customer that really needs the help stops paying?

How to handle good customers when they want to change the rules?

How to handle a rogue salesperson that thinks he’s more important than he really is?

How to handle a top performer that irritates the rest of your team?

Or, something else? How about this? Give me a scenario. It’ll be a post. If you want to do it in the comments, great. If you want to do it anonymously, click here to send me an email . Either way. Real life.

Here’s a twist. If you want. Send me the issue. I’ll recommend an approach. You try it and write a guest post to share the results.

Sound like fun?

Incidentally, if you decide to share in the comments, don’t use the subjects’ real names. We’re looking to learn, not smear.

One thought on “Sales Issues

  1. Rick, As a rainmaker, you also know how to stop the rain. So relax, don’t work and enjoy the vacation, that’s what they are for. Don’t let doing nothing get you boared. Waiting for Kai and Zane to wake up and watching the rain fall is enough to do! Have fun, ED

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