Who hates Rick Roberge?

OK. So, here’s the deal. Someone went to their search engine during the first week in January and typed

i hate rick roberge
into the search box. Then they went to my blog.

It happened eleven (11) times.

OK……Who was it?

10 thoughts on “Who hates Rick Roberge?

  1. It wasn’t me ,Rick, honest. Maybe it was Mick. Ha ha ha ha ha – I can’t believe anyone would do such a thing. Can you imagine that ??????? That is so funny — — I can’t stop laughing!!!!!

  2. This is so funny. Hate is such a strong emotion – and such a negative frequency. What did you do to inspire it Rick? 11x you inspired it! Blogs are supposed to be thought provoking and apparently you provoked someone right over the edge. Keep up the good work!

  3. try this; http://pipl.comEnter your first name & last name – there are Rick Roberges from Texas to Vermont & everything in between :-)So maybe it was one of them they were looking for, in fact one of the entries it pulls up mentions parts of the female anatomy, unless that was you, that would be the type of Rick Roberge to illicit that search!!!

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