The First Thing?

I was watching the Secret the other day and am borrowing one of its analogies.

Think about driving from Maine to California at night. Your headlights will illuminate the 200′ in front of your car. It’s thousands of miles from Maine to California, You can’t see thousands of miles ahead, but you’ll drive it 200′ at a time and you’ll get there just fine.

A sales call works the same way. You can’t see your destination, you can only see what’s been illuminated for you, but if you focus on listening to your prospect and moving through the illuminated area, you’ll get through it.

All you have to do is start it the right way.

Remember the way Nomar Garciaparra used to start his at bats?

Who starts their speeches with My Fellow Americans…?

How about this way to start a day?

OK – What’s the First Thing? How do you start a sales call?

One thought on “The First Thing?

  1. Rick, you are so right. As salespeople we are in such a hurry to get to “California” (the close) that we forget to pay attention to all the things that need attention along the way (the process of creating vision and value). This is especially true of salespeople who are handed leads or who have appointments set for them. “What do you mean they are not ready to buy?” We have to step back and invest in every dialogue we have with the prospect. And when you pass through Kansas, make sure to see that big ball of yarn!

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