Father Andy on Sales Goals

In case you haven’t heard, we had an ice storm on Thursday, December, 11th. Elaine and I lost our electricity at 12:20 AM (midnight Thursday night) and got it back this morning (Sunday, December 21st) at 10:57.  Let me help with the math…9 and a half days. We’re not gonna talk about single digit nights when Elaine, her brother and I slept in the family room so we could be in front of our propane fireplace. We’re not gonna talk about the stories that I heard from people comparing this storm to the ice storm in Maine in 1998 or Hurricane Wilma. Or even the young couple staying at the shelter that opened in the high school with their 7 WEEK OLD TWINS! I’ve heard some great stories and had some very interesting experiences over the past 10 days, but this post is about another lesson realized in Church.

Yesterday, Father Andy talked about Advent, Christmas and what we expect and wish for. At some point he started talking about that which is UNEXPECTED and that we DON’T WISH FOR. Think about that. Father Andy’s suggesting that we should try to be ready for that which we don’t expect or don’t wish for. What a timely suggestion. At that point, we were almost nine days into our blackout. We surely didn’t expect it and I assure you that it’s not something that I’ll ever wish for. How could we have prepared for it anyway? Another reason that it’s a timely suggestion is that sales people and business owners everywhere are putting the final touches on there sales plans and business plans for 2009. How many of them will plan for the unexpected? How many will have a contingency for that which they don’t wish for? If I asked you if you’ve got a plan for ….., would you say, “Yes.” or would you deny that it’ll happen?

What if your competitor steals your best customer?

What if your favorite supplier goes out of business?

What if a key employee goes to a competitor?

Don’t expect it? Don’t wish for it? Deny the probability?

2 thoughts on “Father Andy on Sales Goals

  1. Rick, I was in a couple of your Kurlan sales classes. I am so sorry to hear you were a victim of the ice storm! Good wishes for you for 2009. We are in West Virginia for the holidays where they expect 70F Saturday! I agree that we all should plan for the unexpected and we will do that for Apredica. In fact, we had a hard lesson just a year after we opened that taught us not to relax on the laurels. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you!

  2. Katya,Thank you for your good wishes and thoughts. Christmas was a fun day with family. The next week should be a whirlwind of friends and family. It’s a great way to end the year and start a new one and my wife (and I) are happy to have electricty to share.Your comment prompted the next post. Thank you for that, too!

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