Worried about the economy? Start Over!

Mike Kreppein over at Inquisix found a great article about success stories that started during a economic downturn.

Dharmesh Shah offers a few alternatives to software startups that are looking to reduce expenses.

Some companies not only survived a recession, but use the recession to catapult them to being a household name. I found myself asking the question, “So, what are the three things that I need to do tomorrow to grow through this economy like a startup?

I’ve sent a link to this article to both my friends, so don’t be surprised if they answer on their blogs.

3 thoughts on “Worried about the economy? Start Over!

  1. “Both”? Do you only have 2 friends now, Rick? JK. This is good advice. If every business person just sold more of what they sell, we wouldn’t be talking about a recession. People don’t realize that WE control the economy. Not big banks or the government.

  2. Just 3 things? 2 friends, 1 post. It must be close to the holidays. #1 Positive attitude – per my post#2 Cut expenses – per Dharmesh’s post#3 Make sure your current customers continue to buy.You don’t want to cut expenses so much that you bleed to death or can’t rebound when your business improves. And keeping current customers buying from you is a lot less expensive then focusing only on new ones.

  3. You guys are funny. I have to choose my words more carefully. OK. One response could be, “With my attitude and demeanor, I feel lucky to have two friends.” Another might be, “That I might have 100’s of dollars, but if I’m talking about two in particular, I’ll say, ‘two dollars’.” But the one that I’ll go with is, “I have many readers that don’t read other blogs, so rather than direct them to two other bloggers, I steer them to two friends to make my readers feel more comfortable.” Isn’t it always about them?

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