Economy Busters

I don’t even know if that title makes sense. If you can think of a better one, tell me. I’ll consider it.

I was just reading Jim Burns, “Mindset for an Anemic Business Climate” and thinking about some of my economy stories.

Elaine and I bought both our primary home and our beach house during economic downturns.

I will attend Worcester Business Journal’s Top Growth Companies 2008 to watch one of my clients be recognized as the #1 Top Growth Company. One of my clients is one of 12 salespeople in his office, but sells half of the business.

Lest you think that I’m trying to tell you that success is “Rick dependent”, check out Hubspot and The Bridge Group. A vendor and a ‘quasi-competitor’ that are having their best year ever.

So, what’s the point? Two of them.

First, you are who you associate with. Hang with losers, you’re likely to be a loser. Hang with people that are struggling, suffering and complaining, you’re likely to do the same. I know small business owners that have dropped their chamber memberships, cut costs and are hunkering down getting ready to go out of business if they can’t weather this. Obviously, we at Kurlan are having a great year. So are our friends.

Second, this world moves too fast and won’t ‘buy’ same old. Same old stuff. Same old solutions. Same old approach. Same old attitude. I just heard a news story that started, “General Motors days may be numbered…” That’s a shame, but really…Didn’t they offer us the same old for too long? Don’t you think that they held onto the, “We’re #1. We’re invincible.” too long? Don’t you think that they let their competitors gain market share?

If you’d like to talk to me, feel free.

The Worcester Chamber has another suggestion. Contact them or me for a more information on the program.

3 thoughts on “Economy Busters

  1. RickThis what I have been saying to people who blame the economy and I was quoted in the Worcester Business Journal”I feel that even in tough times like now a company sets its own future. The harder you work the better you are. Don’t make excuses for slow times the only problem is yourself.”Joe Kupstas, co-owner/co-founder, GoodFellas Construction Management

  2. Right on . . . always plan for success vs. focussing upon avoiding failure. Recession planning, especcially for small businesses, will be a self fulfilling prophecy; your business will experience a recession or worse.

  3. The so called money experts say the economy is bad–some people believe it-Washington says we are having a recession–some people take it to heart–WHY ??? Don’t you believe in yourself–lost your confidence–no more get up and go ??? Because the so called “experts” say it is so does not mean it has to include you–You should want to find out why the other guy is succeeding and not you..You should be working harder..not giving up…And if you do give up–you deserve the consequences…but does your family??

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