Sales Forensics

Recently, I was talking with the founder of a computer forensics company. I was familiar with the term ‘forensics‘ as it’s used by police and lawyers to describe the process used to determine the facts of the crime. I had also heard it used in accounting to describe the process that special auditors use to determine if the ‘numbers’ reflect ‘reality’. The founder explained that their company looked for instances where their clients’ computers were being used for other than the intended uses.

So, as I pondered this idea, I thought about the medical examiner asking, “I wonder how this person died?” or the auditor that asks, “I wonder where that $3 million is?” That brought me back to our world.

Are you losing market share? Why?

Are your margins shrinking? Why?

Do you have turnover in your sales force? Why?

Does your top salesperson sell 2-3 times what the bottom one sells? Why?

Did you double your income this year? Did you want to?

What did you want to do? Did you?

Is it time for some Sales Forensics? or do you want to wait for the autopsy?

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