Ribbon Cutting Conversations

I was lucky enough to be invited to Sandy Condon’s ribbon cutting tonight. For those of you that don’t know, she and her husband, John, opened New Life Health & Wellness last July. Sandy asked me how her place compares to the factory that I belong to. I’m not gonna talk about the equipment, the special areas, the racquetball court. I will talk about the locker room. The locker room had perfectly folded towels on a contemorary style shelf unit. The sink area was neatly appointed with hand towels, soaps, shaving kits, and the mirrors didn’t have a spot on them. There wasn’t a towel or piece of lint on the floor. It was almost like it was just for show, but interestingly, she had patrons using the facilities. Of course, she has a water cooler, but I didn’t expect a selection of green teas conveniently set up next to the water cooler. Add water and enjoy! She has some free passes so call her or email her and schedule a visit and a workout. She’s conveniently located at the junction of 495 and Route 20 inside the Marriott with easy parking in the Marriott lot.

I had an interesting conversation with her husband, John, about medical sales and we decided that I should invite his company to our luncheon and introduce him to Jerry Shapiro.

I had another interesting conversation with Linda Sevier about her new blog idea.

Kate Hyland Mercer asked me about my ‘Kinder & Gentler” phase. Funny how not too many people got that.

I also spent some time with a young hustler named Mark Shea. Why do I think he’s a hustler? He was at an Ambassador’s Committee meeting in Worcester at 7:45 this morning and closed the ribbon cutting after 7 this evening. That’s hustling.

8 thoughts on “Ribbon Cutting Conversations

  1. well some people “hustle” by working from 7 to 7 – others “hustle” by taking vacations every friday and then a long weekend in the mountains once a month?

  2. Hi, If you are blond AND svelte – you must have some kind of intelligence that is keeping you that way — some thing is working right — especially if you are NOT on vacation !!!!!

  3. I know a (now retired) gentleman who rarely worked past 11:30 AM during the last two years of his very successful career. His kids chided him mercilessly because he had always espoused the value of an immense work ethic. During those last two years, he simply explained that “I get more done by 11:30 Monday morning than most people do by 5:00 Friday afternoon.”If you hustle enough to achieve your goals and STILL take one day each week, and one week each month off, you’re either a great hustler or your goals are set too low.Somehow, I don’t think the Kinder & Gentler guy sets low goals . . .Have fun Rick!

  4. Hi Rick,It was our priviledge to have you attend our Ribbon Cutting. You looked especially good in your blue sweatsuit 🙂 It was a great crowd and we were so happy to share the moment with so many great people.

  5. Nice to see everyone at New Life Health and Wellness. Yes, Rick, it is always that clean and orderly. I work out there three times a week and train with Sandy. She and her staff are awesome. NIce vibe about the place, very comfortable and friendly. Now, got to get to work on that new blog because I know you will ask me the next time you see me why it isn’t launched yet! 😉

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