Who’s Reading?

It’s interesting to see how the internet has changed us. I use Google Analytics to track traffic to my blog. I can’t see who has visited. I just see what country they’re in. (I can actually see what city they’re in, but there’s a limit to my curiosity.) So, visitors from 27 countries have visited in the past 30 days. This is the list of countries.

United States    Canada    United Kingdom    India    Australia    Netherlands    Spain    United Arab Emirates
France    South Africa    Philippines    Germany    Venezuela    Mexico    Malaysia    Finland    Japan    Greece
Georgia    Singapore    Argentina    Austria    Senegal    Uganda    Hungary    Belgium    Colombia

Makes you wonder. How? Why? Whether they got what they were looking for? Was it a mistake?

If you visited in the past month and would like an inbound link, comment on this post with the answers to these questions and a link to your website. I’ll update this post with all of those links.


Trish Bertuzzi was the first to respond. Hey! Reader in Greece. She’s gonna be visiting your country in person. If you want to meet her, comment with a link to your website or email your contact info to me!

Although Sandra Condon claims to be fitness expert, much of her advice works on salespeople. For instance, if you’re having trouble with commitment, whether it’s exercise or cold calls, find a buddy and do it together.

Jeff Temple is a surprise visitor. I hope to have a conversation with him next week and I’ll tell you how it goes.

Rob Jewett talks about core values and personal growth. I agree. This blog has helped me grow. I find myself thinking, “That’s blog-able.” several times a week as I go through the day to day. I’m pleased that people read, but I’m excited when people comment. I try to make my posts relevant, but there’s a lot to learn from the comments.

So, John Vaillancourt makes a pretty interesting comment and it makes me wonder whether anyone else expected or was pre-disposed and whether or not they got what they expected.

5 thoughts on “Who’s Reading?

  1. How? The miracle called google. Why? They are searching for keywords that lead them to you. Did they get what they were looking for? You would have to ask them. Was it a mistake? No. Though people from other countries may not get your humor, even the kindler/gentler humor, your analogies are always spot on. You say in plain English what other consultants and trainers “fluff up”. Who doesn’t love that?

  2. How: You read my blogWhy: I like you and think what you have to say is interestingGet what I’m looking for? I’m not really looking for anything but I always get something I’d likeMistake: Silly question 🙂

  3. How: A friend with a new Escalade alerted me to it (thanks Joe)Why: “Continuous Learning” is one of my personal core values. “Being Entertained” is another. Get: I get at least one of my core values satisfied on each visit.Mistake?: Not a chance

  4. How: I sought you out after meeting you at C9Why: I am curious (nosey) about how one is successful in sales without crossing over into what I refer to as ‘hit and run’ transactions.Get: Much food for thought and so far not a sniff of ‘hit and run’Mistake: Not at all

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