Svelte People at the Gym

I went to the gym yesterday morning. As I was leaving, I noticed that a svelte blonde was now running on the same treadmill that I had used. As I was sitting in the parking lot listening to my voicemail, in walks another svelte blonde. (It’s just a coincidence that they’re both svelte and both blonde.)

So, what?

Why do svelte people work out at the gym? Are they just trying to make me self-conscious? Are they afraid of becoming me? They are what I want to be. Seriously, are they trying to become svelter?

Now, that I’ve got your brain warmed up….

What’s the sales lesson?

20 thoughts on “Svelte People at the Gym

  1. Rick – you made this question too easy. The sales lesson is that svelte blondes will be more successful than old fat guys. Seriously, those who are already successful work at the fundamentals, practice, don’t take shortcuts, don’t get rusty, continue to prospect and do all the things that their less successful counterparts don’t do because they’re sitting in their cars listening to to the radio.

  2. Rick, I told you that one day a week at the gym is not enough. Just like when you practice selling I guess, one day a week is not enough….but, then again, you will never be a blond….let alone svelt. Love you anyway, Mom.

  3. Svelte people are so because they eat right and work out religiously. They don’t work out because they’re svelte.And this may come as a shock, but they don’t care about you . . . or me; especially the svelte blonds.

  4. Weren’t there any svelte brunettes at the gym? This analogy is almost too obvious, as to not warrant a guess. But, since I can’t resist a good analogy. Here’s the lesson: even the best salespeople need to exercise their skills.

  5. Rick, Interesting situation and question. 1. It seems to me that the svelte blondes are doing what it takes, pleasant or not (working out=fun?), on a consistent basis to be successful. In their case success== svelte-ness (and possibly regular hair coloring) . A Salesperson needs to do the same thing. They need to consistently do the things that are less fun, but necessary, to be successful. Consistent cold calling/ prospecting == a Full Pipeline. 2. I also think that svelte blondes are employed, or at least gifted memberships, by gyms because they will attract new members. Smart marketing, as the guys will all want to watch and flex in front of those kinds of women, and the women all want to be near those types of women to watch and learn their “secrets”. What is the Sales analogy? People want to be around winners? A possibility. Being successful and showing it attracts others who want to be successful in that way ? Sex sells?

  6. As a natural brunette, I take offense to this. I go to the gym religiously and I consider myself in fairly good shape….svelte or whatever you want to call it. I think that to be a winner, one has to believe in oneself and that is no secret. I certainly never felt that I had to hang around any blonds to learn ther “secrets”.Why do you think there are so many blond jokes out there??

  7. Mike is within a hair’s breadth of hitting the nail on the head. The presence of the svelte blonds gives the gym a leg up on establishing Speed on Bases. Where I might use a story about a previous customer that I’ve helped, the gym can rely on (or take advantage of) the visible success of its other clients to entice new members. This, by the way, is an alternate perspective to Dave’s above, where he cited the blonds as analogous to salespeople. Either of these are valid lessons, the choice just depends on what you’re teaching.

  8. Maybe they are Svelt because they have taken their health and well being seriously enough to dedicate a part of their day to what is really important and something that will enable them to live to a ripe old age without medication. I don’t know… just a thought! Have a great day and GO TO THE GYM 🙂

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