Whatever it takes!

I’m about to say nice things about David Kurlan & Associates!
If you don’t like reading positive stuff, turn back, now!

Client A called me last Wednesday morning (when I was on vacation) while they drove to an appointment during which they hoped to save a $150,000 sale. They called me to coach them on how to save it. They called me immediately after the meeting to tell me how pissed off they were that they wasted their time. The customer’s mind was already made up and he never should have gone. Tuesday they were in class with Chris Mott learning how to make appointments. Wednesday, they had lunch with Mike Eagan to learn how to think and act like a CEO. After lunch, they listened to me make live prospect calls so they could see that if you know your lines, the prospect always knows theirs. This morning, they met with Bruce Bower to develop the steps in their sales process so that prospects can proceed logically from not knowing to buying. Tonight, they accompanied me to a chamber business after hours and walked out with the business cards of ten people that will take their call next week.

Client B called on August 6th and told me that they needed to hire a salesperson. We met for four hours on August 7th. The ads got placed and I left an vacation and Client B left on vacation on August 8th. We were on vacation from August 8th and returned on August 18th. We accumulated resumes and screened the candidates during that time. Tomorrow, Mike Eagan and I will have telephone interviews with 7 “A” players between 10 and noon.

Pretend you’re me. How would you wrap this up?

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