Sales Olympics?

I like you are watching the Olympics. I just watched Colby Bryant be interviewed about the pride that he felt just being on the team. It got me thinking.

I was not a youth athlete. I played tennis for my high school team and my college team, but it wasn’t my passion.

I was very involved with my sons, Mark and Matt, through T-ball, Farm League, AAA, Little League, soccer every fall and every spring, basketball in the winter. We learned how to ski together. I also got to watch Mark play high school soccer and tennis and Matt play football. I don’t think that I ever ‘saw’ either of them going to the Olympics. (Sorry guys.)

So, selling…..How many of us didn’t ‘sell’ chocolate, girl scout cookies, raffle tickets, etc. for some charity or other when we were young and cute?

Some of us get part time jobs in high school or college selling something or other.

Even fewer wind up calling themselves ‘professional salespeople’ when we grow up. Some make really big money. Others struggle forever.

What if there were a Sales Olympics. Would anyone you know be there?

5 thoughts on “Sales Olympics?

  1. As a Canadian… I’m sure we would send the marketing team and win no medals! I think selling for me came at a young age however not by selling door to door. I always had a natural ability to adapt to who I was with and make a connection with anyone. Last winter I sold cookies with my Daughter, her script was ‘I’m in Sparks (pre girl guides) and we’re raising money by selling cookies, they are $4 a box, how many boxes would you like?” It was a blast, she had fun and sold her cookies quickly.

  2. On my 16th birhtday my Mom took me to town hall to get my present. A work permit. Then she took me to the local grocery store to meet the manager. That’s when it all started. A total of seven years in the store, grocery bagger to part-time night manager and I loved the interaction with the public. Upon college graduation I thought that I was fortunate to have a job offer in computer engineering, but after 18 years of living in a cubicle and becoming ONE with a computer monitor I moved back into the sales world as a realtor. Now six years later I don’t feel like I’ve been to work since I left the enginering world. Olympics? No. I thouroughly enjoyed the workouts driven by a personal trainer, but when I stopped engaging him with my checkbook, so too went my drive to exercise. I’m in sales for the human interaction, the look on someones face when they achieve their purchasing goal. The thanks for the assistance in helping them through the process of home acquisition. I love the process and the emotional rollercoaster, but no, Sales Olypics isn’t part of my plan.

  3. So, the real question is, “Even though I got his name wrong, did you know who I was talking about and did the message get across?” For instance, if someone called and asked for Bob Roberts, the kinder and gentler sales guru, would you know who they were asking for?

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