Are you coachable?

I thought about the title, “Are you a know-it-all?” but decided that wasn’t kinder and gentler.

I just received my newsletter from JustSell and thought the message important enough to share immediately.

They define coachable as: Approachable, Attentive, Receptive, Curious, Objective, Trusting, Shapeable and Confident.

Interesting, huh? Here’s the link.

How’s this post? Kinder? Gentler?

15 thoughts on “Are you coachable?

  1. Interesting, kinder, gentler, all at the same time. It seems that you are quite coachable. Of the adjectives above that define coachability, I give myself 6.5 out of 8. Do I need to score perfectly, or does my ~20% shortfall just make my coaches work harder?

  2. Interesting question and I wonder what other coaches think.I’d say that coachability might be better used as relative rather than absolute.So, a person more or less attentive, receptive, trusting, etc. resulting in them being more or less coachable overall than someone else. That being said, perfect is a tough word and seldom found.
    So, the key, I think would be for the coach and the coachee need to recognize and agree as to what the coachability shortfalls appear to be and how they will be addressed when they rear their ugly head.

  3. Ok, I’ll bite and stir the pot. Could you expand the lesson as to why you thought this article was so important that it required immediate attention? Was it to show us what qualities to look for in prospects so we would know what techniques to use to convert them? Or was it the “Rick” way of saying that those that say no to you are not coachable.If this is true, then closing the loop to this “system” begs the question, are you a coach? I wonder what qualities define a good coach? What responsibility does the teacher have to the relationship between he and his student?Clearly stated so your mom doesn’t think I hate you – again: we should all find our niche. (Educational Sales Point: Having a niche makes it easier to close sales.) Rick being Rick is yours. Since this post just smacks of your continued lack of interest in changing to kindler & gentler, I look forward to the lesson of the guru and the end of this dance.

  4. I had to read this comment a few times before I realized how great it was and how fully engaged and engaging Jason was.One side reason for this post is to see if other coaches would chime in. To see if they agree with the list. To see what they do/say when someone appears not to be coachable. To see how they react to Rob’s comment. But, the primary reason is that a relationship is two way. One of Newton’s laws is that every action causes an equal and opposite reaction. If I deliver an “in your face” reaction, does my prospect have any responsibility to ask, “Did I deserve that? Did I cause that reaction? Why is Rick being such a jerk?” The first sales book that I ever read was , “How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling” by Frank Bettger. His secret had nothing to do with technique. When the book starts, he’s a baseball player that just got traded. Read the book to see the relevance.You know Linda Cohan. I don’t think that I’ve ever referred any other executive coach. I know a few. I’m thinking of one and the word, “annoying” comes to mind. Could you imagine hiring an annoying coach? He/she apparently has clients. As I think of another one, the word, “Incompetent” comes to mind, but they apparently have clients, too. I think I’ll search Google for an “Are you a Coach?” list, but your responsibility question is huge! I think that the teacher has many responsibilities. Among them, they need to answer the questions, “Why is this person talking to me? What do they want? Can I help? Will it work? Is now the right time?” Look at Manny Ramirez and Justin Pedroia. Two totally different players. Same coach (up until last Wednesday). Doesn’t their coach have to decide what they each need, and how to get it out of them? The difference is that Francona doesn’t get to pick (totally) his players. He has to take them. Linda Cohan doesn’t have to take a particular prospect. If she thinks that the prospect is too un-coachable, she can pass. I hear stories about Tiger Woods success with a coach, without a coach, and with another coach. I don’t mean for the short list above to be all-inclusive, but I believe that the better the match between coach and coachee….the better the results.Kinder and gentler? Doesn’t it depend on who you ask?Thank you, Jason!

  5. Hello All, It is time for me to come out of my summer respite and add my thoughts and to stir the pot a bit more… I am not a Sales Coach and I am not a sports coach, so my language and philosophy about what I believe coaching is may differ from some of you. I am going to address the following questions:1. What qualities define a good coach?2. Are you coachable?3. What is the Coach’s responsibility? 1.What Qualities define a good coach?For me it is:*Integrity*Accountability*Excellent Communication Skills*Be able to listen more than talk*Be a guide and not a director*Be Objective and focused on client*Be able to challenge the status Quo 2. Are you coachable? I believe that most people are coachable, but sometimes an individual may not always be ready, depending where they are at in their life. In order to be coachable, a person has to be open to changing his beliefs, behaviors and actions. This means a person has to have enough self-awareness to be able to look inward to see what he could do differently in order to be more successful. I always meet with a potential client first, in order to determine if I am the right coach and if I think that coaching makes sense for the individual. If I do not beleive there is a match, I will refer the client elsewhere. I determine this by:* Getting accurate data from the boss (if it is a corporate client)and the potential coaching client* Checking compatibility between my skills and style and the skills ofthe potential client* Determining the willingness of thepotential client to get out of his comfort zone and exhibit new behaviors 3. What is the coach’s responsibility? The International Coaching FederationDefines the coaching philosophy as: ” A Coach honors the client as the expert in his/her life and work and believes that every client is creative,resourceful and whole. Standing on this foundation-the coach’s responsibility is to:*discover,clarify &align what the client wants to achieve*encourage client self-discovery*elicit client-generated solutionsand strategies*hold the client responsible and accountable” I have weighed in enough of my own views for today, and I hope that I have taken coaching to a higher level for some of you….Back to the beach for me!

  6. Hi, Rick, I’m back–Vic fixed my computer–I am attaching this comment to your last blog so as not to make a whole lot of entries—As for a kinder and gentler Rick?–Why change what works –after all this time in the business you must know when to be kind and gentle and when to be abrasive–no matter what the case is – you can’t please all the people all of the time…..I do not believe there is any way to be universal in selling, nor Rick’s Way, – all producers and receivers are not universally trained (coached) in selling or attitudes……Why shouldn’t every salesman be able to generate his own leads at some time or another, after all, how did he become a salesman in the first place?–he should at least know how…then when someone hands him a goodie, it’s gravy in the pot……The question Elaine should have asked was “does this suit make me look thin?”—I think you were making like kind and gentle – bah! Husbands!………..The best coach you will ever know or meet is a Mother–some mothers fail because they can’t get thru to the child-he refuses to hear-refuses to be coached–and some mothers fail because they do not care enough to keep trying to get thru–but when it all goes well- there is a great deal of pride and glory………Well, Rick, feel free to delete any or all to your satisfaction.

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