Especially Me

Are you a blogger? How many blogs do you read?

Are you good at something? How many books have you read about it?

Are you trying to do something better? Who are you asking? Following? Listening to?

Read Frank’s post. Scott Zimmerman made three hours worth of great points yesterday which we’ll probably share over the next few posts. One was that the people that we hang with are usually just like us. They earn within 10-15% of what we earn. They aspire to be what we aspire to be. They and we don’t really want anyone to ‘break out of the group because then those left behind will feel bad that they got left behing and the one who broke away will fell bad that they made the rest of the group feel bad (but not that they broke away).

Between 150 and 200 people attended the Sales Summit yesterday. Are they the only ones that are trying to break away? (I have a whole bunch of other questions here, but they’re definitely not kinder and gentler.)

OK. Enough questions. Re-read Frank’s first paragraph. It ends with,

“helpful to anyone, especially me, that attended.”

Huh? Especially me? Read Frank’s bio. Look at his profile. Frank’s a better salesman, had more experience, read more, studied more, practiced more, sold more, and is more successful than most of the people that were there.

………….and he said, especially him. Some want to be great. The great become greater.

2 thoughts on “Especially Me

  1. Rick, are you infering that the headcount was low? This was a summer event, being a Realtor it feels to me like the entire population of Worcester County is low these days. I put a home under contract yesterday so not everyone is out of town, but even the grocery stores don’t have many people in them lately. I’m sure that will change about the 3rd week of the month as people return to their typical routines of getting back to work and the kids to school.

  2. John, actually the answer is “Yes and No”.No, because the event planners were very pleased that they had a turnout that was greater than they expected for a ‘first time’ event.Yes, because there were way more than 200 salespeople in town that could have learned something by being there. You may not believe this, but there are a lot of salespeople that believe they can’t learn anything else or that they’re too busy too learn even if though they’re not making their numbers.
    But, my main point was that, “Frank learned something, even though he’s one of the best salespeople that I know.”
    See you in September!

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