WBJ Sales Summit Feedback

Do you remember your first time?

Doing anything the first time usually involves some questions?

I can tell you that the Worcester Business Journal’s first ever Sales Summit was awesome!

Usually, there’s one person that says something like, “This could have been better.”

I heard none of that!

The All Stars were all stars! Scott Zimmerman was fantastic! The attendees were engaged.

Pete Caputa (the freak) blogged while he was presenting about his presentation! Who ever heard of that?

Tracy O’Clair invited me to connect on LinkedIn less than an hour after the event ended!

Laura Briere blogged about her hot shot All Star and commented on my recent post. I had to answer her back.

So, were you there? What did you think? Anything about anything…Let’s hear what you think.

Also, did you make any good connections. How are you gonna follow up?

If I’m not asking a question that you want to answer, tell us what the question is then answer it.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the comments so you can read what everybody says.

2 thoughts on “WBJ Sales Summit Feedback

  1. Here’s a question you didn’t ask; since I wasn’t there, what did I miss? What were the five biggest take aways of the day? What did the audience react the best to? When did the light bulbs go off? What will people do differently?

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