Do you like the person that you sleep with?

Well, DO YOU?

When you look in the mirror, who looks back?

Somebody you’re proud to know?

If somebody asks you what you did today, do you want to tell them?


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3 thoughts on “Do you like the person that you sleep with?

  1. Yes I like the person I sleep with, me. And I like and love the other person who sleeps with me, my wife.When I look in the mirror I see me, sometimes since I am aging I see a bit of my dad and a bit of my grandfather on my mothers side, both who have passed on years ago.You bet I’m proud to know the person looking back. We are all human so over the years there have been a few things I am not proud of but thoses are long gone, lessons learned. I’m proud of what I have done over the years, people I have met, places I have been and things I have done to help others, from an easy helping hand to loads of success. Yes I’m proud to know that guy in the mirror and know that he still has things to learn, places to go, people to meet and people to help. Nothing to hide here, if someone askes me what I did today, and they really want to know, I’ll tell them. I hope they have time to listen. They asked fore a reason even if it’s wanting to know.So I hope thsiis what you were looking for. At 63, one learns a lot along the way and should know there is a lot to learn going forward.Thanks, ED

  2. And I am proud to know you, Ed.This is one of those comments that all bloggers hope to get, but seldom do.Great answer!

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