Tim Russert and Frank Belzer

I was watching the tribute to Tim Russert this morning. I wasn’t watching because I’m a political junkie. I’m not. I seldom watched Meet the Press, but I really enjoyed hearing about the way Tim prepared for the show, how he felt about the politicians that came on his show, how fair he was. I listened to him ask the same question 900 different ways. It was a great tribute and it ended with me thinking that Tim was truly great.

At one point, Maria Shriver commented that Tim was hounding her husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger, to come on Meet the Press and be interviewed. He made all kinds of excuses. He was busy with his campaign for governor of California. Other commitments. Always had an excuse why now was not the time.

And Maria remembered that Tim asked Arnold, “Don’t you know that you’re not gonna be anybody until you’re on this show?”

When she said that, I immediately thought of
Frank Belzer. If Frank wants to meet with you, just give up and meet with him. He’s never gonna give up. He’s gonna hound you until you give up and meet with him. I remember hearing Frank say something like, “Why don’t you want to meet with me? Don’t you want to know what’s holding your company back?” If you read his blog, you’ll notice that this theme runs through it. You’ll never know what’s wrong until you meet with him.

Thanks, Frank.

One thought on “Tim Russert and Frank Belzer

  1. Rick’Thanks for the kind words. Another interesting thing about Russert that I always admired was his willingness to ask the tough questions and hold his guests to comments that theymight have made in the past – even showing the footage of their comments. Maybe we should start recording our calls and meetings?

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