Why am I calling?

I had a conversation with a guy who sells mailing lists two weeks and two days ago. I blogged about him here. I followed up with the promised email and ended with, “Call if you have questions.”

You should know that we were introduced to each other.

So I called a week ago and left a voice mail message to call me back.

I left another message yesterday.

Today, a company owner asked me if I knew where to get a list of VP Sales based in New England.

I said, “No.”

Seriously, would you take the chance that this idiot wouldn’t return my friend, the company owner’s call?

If you’re not gonna take or return calls, why should anyone take or return yours?

2 thoughts on “Why am I calling?

  1. That’s a scary story. And the “punishment” you delivered was deserved. I’m always concerned when someone asks for a referral and then decides not to follow up on that referral. They don’t even think about how their lack of follow-up affects MY relationship with the person I referred them to.

  2. First, Michael, thank you for your support and for your additional comments on your blog.People like you (and me) that live and die by our ability to make and receive strong referrals recognize that it takes a long time to develop the relationship and that not every Tom, Dick and Harry that we meet is going to want or deserve that kind of relationship. So, thank you for understanding.
    However, to be fair, I wouldn’t have used the word “punishment” unless we also use that word when a prospect chooses not to buy, a potential employer chooses not to hire, or a vendor chooses not to sell to us. It’s a decision, not a punishment. Like the prospect that decides not to buy, I decided that I didn’t want to refer him. Not to punish him, but to preserve my relationship with my friend.
    Respectfully, what right do I have to punish anybody?
    Happy Fathers’ Day, my friend!

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