So, tonight, I’m minding my own business, when I get a new email in my inbox….from Guy Kawasaki?

Huh? That’s right, Guy “The Evangelist” Kawasaki. Uh huh! Guy “
How to Drive Your Competition Crazy” Kawasaki. What the heck does he want with me?

Here’s the message.

I am the CEO of a company called Nononina. We operate a website that is an “online magazine rack” organized by topics such as Fashion, Celebrities, Sports, Gaming, Macintosh, Science, Green, and Autos. Your feed is included here:

You can see all our topics here:

We have Alltop badges that you can add to your site/blog here:

Please tell your readers about Alltop.


Guy Kawasaki

Well, my mama didn’t raise no fool and I’m sure not gonna say, “No.” to Guy Kawasaki, so I’m telling you about alltop which is a list of all the top blogs. You can click the first link and my blog’s there. There’s a bunch more categories at the main link and my badge is to the right under ‘blogs that I read’.

What a day!

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