What Do Entrepreneurs Really Need?

I started a post asking the question, “Should Entrepreneurs Learn to Sell?”

I deleted it.

I thought back to https://therainmakermaker.com/2006/10/03/top-ten-geek-business-myths.aspx.

I started writing about some of the dumb things that I’ve heard entrepreneurs and business owners say recently.

I deleted that.

You’re up!

Do entrepreneurs need to know how to sell well?

Why? Examples?

7 thoughts on “What Do Entrepreneurs Really Need?

  1. This is a great question. I am an entrepreneur and once felt that sales training was for sales people. I thought “I am an Entrepreneur why do I need to learn how to sell”? Well entrepreneur’s need sales training just as much as sales people and probably even more. When an entrepreneur goes to a bank to get a loan for the next project how do they get the loan? I sell the bank on me, my company, my idea. When I purchase a piece of equipment, or property I sell the seller on why I could get what I want at the price I what. My business partner Dale and myself sell each other on our new ideas, business projects, and new divisions everyday. Before sales training I was just talking. Words coming out my mouth with no organization or real reason. After sales training each question is thought out and I listen to what people are saying. Its funny what you hear when you listen. You will here how to close and how each person buys. Or if your have been through training you just ask them how they buy things. Whether its a material purchase or buying an idea you need training!

  2. For the most part, I do think entrepreneurs need to learn how to sell. It’s probably the most important skill. You’re either selling employees to come and work for you, selling investors to put money in, or selling products/services to clients. Of course, there are still some web based business models that enable entrepreneurs to make $ without talking to anyone. But, there’s a limit on how BIG that kind of business can be.

  3. Entreprenuers absolutely must know how to sell. Success depends upon the ability to sell their vision, which must make good business sense, to:- investors;- the financial community;- employees;- suppliers;- customers;- local, state and federal government officials;- associations;- and others.There are many great undeveloped ideas sitting in limbo because the IDEA PERSON can’t sell . . . doesn’t have a clue. Mike Eagan

  4. The more complex the sale, the more necessary sales ability becomes. However, as you point out, even click to buy, low unit price business owners may need to ‘sell’ to employees, financiers, or even vendors.

  5. The short answer is absolutely!The links you provided, and the responses above give clear examples of why.to get someone interested in your idea, you are selling them on it. You may not be using a sales strategy, per se. But how else do you get someone interested in your idea?

  6. Here I am, running a vibrant, growing manufacturing business. I’ve put a lot of thought, effort, time, and money into learning how to sell better. I now understand what it takes to sell well. So I can now help the people that work for me to sell better! I’ve become a better coach and manager through the process. I’ve also become a better buyer (ask my wife about the new landscaping, the new car, etc.)I also agree with all the other responders. We have to be ready to sell something to somebody at the drop of a hat. Entrepreneurs need to be able to sell well.Parents have to be able to sell well.Spouses have to be able to sell well.Managers have to be able to sell well.Anybody who has any need to convince another human being to do something (even something that will benefit both parties) has to be able to sell well.

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