Split Personality

I received the following email, today and I was wondering if I was that transparent.

Rick I figured out why you are a great salesmen. It took me a while but I got it! You have a split personality. I can tell what person you are just by reading your blog and emails on a particular day. Hope you had a nice weekend.

So, I was wondering.

Do you notice that?

Can you give me any specific example(s)?

Should I change something?

7 thoughts on “Split Personality

  1. Change nothing!! A big part of being a great salesmen is what we kid around in the office about. We call it a Chameleon. I feel people change their personalities to somewhat mimic or changes their voice or attitude to fit better with the person they are talking with.

  2. In this case transparency is fine. In sales we want to be more like our customer than ourselves: “People buy more from people who are more like themselves.” Call it what you want, split personality or brilliant mirroring, it’s a positive thing in sales.

  3. Rick a split personality? No-his brother Mick-Yes-but not Rick….He is a open book (if you know how to read him)-He tells it like it is, whether you like it or not…..Why change a good thing…..

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