If you haven’t been reading Frank’s blog, this will get you started.

This may be the most important post that I’ve read this year.

He hit’s the nail right on the head.

I’m not only suggesting that you read this post, but I’m suggesting that you forward the link to



4 thoughts on “Why??????

  1. To answer Joshua – I certainly don’t blog to improve my Google ranking, as Rick pointed out to me earlier today, my name isn’t even on my blog. For me the Blog is about 60% self expression and if I can help people along the way then that can be the additional 40%. I also think that “invention” in the blogging arena comes back to quality of content – That said I try to be original in approach and unique in content.

  2. I’m with Frank. This was my invention https://therainmakermaker.com/2006/08/13/ive-got-it.aspx. That was my light bulb. Until I had the realization that resulted in that post, I was asking, “Why” and answering, “I don’t know.” I doubt that I’ll ever be a serious blogger, but I know that I’ll probably always blog for those friends that are sometimes too busy to interrupt with a phone call.and the cool thing is that others that are interested get to watch.

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