Belated Sales Lesson

Remember this post? Ask me a question!

I did it to teach a lesson. But first, a story.

We returned from Mexico late on the 5th. I posted Success at Trade Shows on the 6th and Time Share Sales on the 8th. Then, Dave and Pete posted, so I could point you to them and it’s a good thing because I HAD NOTHING!

The resulting questions, teasing and banter made the ‘Ask me a question’ post the most commented on post since the RainMakerMaker started blogging!!!! Thank you very much!

Think about that.

From I GOT NOTHING to MOST COMMENTED in four words!

Here’s the lesson. Here’s how to apply it.

You’re on a sales call. There’s a lull. Silence. You’re looking at the prospect. The prospect’s looking at you. There’s really been no movement. The call’s essentially over. Try this.

Look at the prospect and say, “I feel as though there’s something….It’s like….Let’s try this. Ask me a question.”

When they do, it’ll be a whole new call! It works every time.

Incidentally, those four words not only led to all those comments, but one of those comments became a post,

Tom’s Question for the Experts, and I sent that post out to sales experts around the world asking for comments

and posted it on LinkedIn where more than 20 million professionals will have the opportunity to comment.

Let’s see what happens.

Care to share what you think?

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