Who do you know?

Since I started this blog, I’ve posted 253 entries with a total word count of 69,044 words.

That’s less than 273 words per entry…..That’s 2.58 entries per week.

So, what? Who would have figured? Who would’ve figured that I could’ve found that many things to post about that might actually be considered relevant? (I have a lot of random thoughts that go in and outta my head that I keep to myself….Thank God!) Furthermore, who could’ve figured that not only would people read it, but that respectable people would actually post a comment, send me an email, or call me to share their thoughts about the ‘topic of the day’. Some readers vote in the survey and when they do, 89% say they like it, 7% say they don’t and 4% have no opinion.

I think that 273 words per entry is considered to be on the short side. That’s intentional. We don’t have much time so my attitude is ‘get in and get out’. I subscribe to some blogs where the typical post is so long that by the time I get half way through, I’m looking at the clock. I expect to keep average word count the same.

I also expect to keep frequency about the same. Bloggers that post just to post run the risk of being ignored when they actually say something important.

OK, here’s the real point. I’ve expanded readership the way I expand my client base……Through referrals. March 16th will be the second anniversary of my inaugural post. I’m asking you to help me double readership. If you’d like to help, forward this page via email to a few people that you think might benefit the way you have or enjoy the way you have and add a few words like, “I’ve been reading this blog for a while and thought that you might appreciate an introduction. If you put your email address in the subscribe box, check blog and click subscribe, you’ll get new posts in your inbox every 3rd day or so.”

Thank you, in advance for your help.

4 thoughts on “Who do you know?

  1. You know I’m always up for coordinated blog promotion. I started a post referring to you. I expanded its scope a bit. Waiting on a quote from Kate Hyland Mercer. Let me know what else we should be doing to grow our readership.

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