Dave Kurlan told me that he was tempted to make a one word comment to my last post………..”Subtle!” Frankly, subtlety is often missed because people don’t always like to face the truth, especially about themselves. I meet a lot of people. Most of them are in sales or own a small company and are trying to sell their stuff and the fact is that most of them can’t picture themselves earning a lot more money than they already do. They don’t believe that any of the ‘prospects that got away’ could actually have been sold if they were better at sales. They also won’t admit that they ARE the problem.

Fact is, most businesses fail.

Fact is, people file bankruptcy.

Fact is, many divorces are due to financial problems.

Fact is, less than 6% of the people in the United States earn over $100,000.

Fact is, I like some of those people in the 94% regardless of income level. My lack of subtlety doesn’t work on them because they believe what they believe. I’m only talking to the people that want to be in the 6% and those people will recognize that if they commit, I’ll do what it takes to get them there.

5 thoughts on “Subtle?………NOT!

  1. Subtlety? Critical Ratios? How’s this: I contracted with the Kurlan team at the end of ’06. We spent all of ’07 with Rick, Chris, and Mike doing their very best to teach us new and better ways of doing things. ’07 Sales beat ’06 by over 25%. The ratio of sales improvement to cost of the contract is well over 20:1. How much of our improvement is due to our contract with DKA? I don’t know how to measure it, but I am convinced that it paid for itself within the first several months. Rick even got me addicted to his blog. Thanks guys!

  2. We’re gonna have to get you an “Evangelist Warning” button and require you to wear it when you’re out in public so people will have to ask you, “What’s that about?”

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